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At CS Barron, our house painting process involves elaborate preparation to make the painting durable and good looking. If you need experienced painters for your home or business premises in Bristol, call us.

Preparation is key to our painting work

As with decoration, preparation is the key, sanding timbers with several grades of sandpaper and using only the best fillers prior to sanding. The treatment of knots in timber with ‘shellac’ prior to painting is important to the life of the paint job. These steps enable us to achieve smooth coats of paint that will stay on your walls, beams and pillars for a long time.

Exterior Painting Services Bristol

At C.S Barron, we have always delivered the highest quality finish across our entire painting operation. From attentive preparation to accomplished specifications, discussing and understanding the different requirements of our clients is key to our outstanding achievements and customer satisfaction. With the current spotlight on outdoor painting, our professionals will diligently restore your weatherworn outside walls, and revitalise your tired fencing and decking. With expert application techniques we’ll enhance your home’s entire exterior utilising exceptional pre-treatments where necessary, and by using the highest grade of trade paints we’ll guarantee to upgrade your curb appeal, whilst liaising with you throughout the entire process to ensure the renovation is exactly as you anticipated.


Preparation for external walls:

Prior to any paint application, it is vital to prepare the walls to ensure a flawless and perfectly smooth finish, so we’ll

  • Make certain that exterior surfaces are clean.
  • Remove any loose paint.
  • Repair any surface defects and imperfections.
  • Treat mould growth with anti-fungal solutions.

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We only use the best outdoor paints:

 Acrylic paints are the most resilient of all outdoor paints. They’re durable, malleable, and able to withstand rain, hail and all kinds of extreme weather factors. Our acrylic based paints also help prevent damage from other external elements such as fading from strong sunlight.


Our Latex-based paints are flexible and able to expand and contract so the surface can adapt to seasonal changes in temperature. They also dry quickly and are easy to clean.


Masonry paints give extended protection to exterior walls with their waterproof and dirt resistant durability. Our masonry paints have a 15-year life expectancy and can also be used on many different external surfaces such as vinyl, metal and wood.


Preparation for fencing:

Before renovating old fencing, it’s recommended to remove old wood cells and rot to expose a fresh layer of wood, so we’ll

  • Remove any dirt or debris.
  • Eliminate any signs of mildew.
  • Treat any knots in the fencing.
  • Use fillers where necessary prior to painting.
  • Sand down all wood for a smooth and perfect prep.


Fence staining and painting Bristol

Staining helps to protect your fencing from the elements and prolongs its endurance. A wide choice of our water repellent sealants will prevent rain from damaging your wood and will also enhance your fence’s natural texture.

Painting the wood will add variety to your exterior fencing, selecting a colour from our extensive range and adding an oil stain to the paint application, this will also facilitate the fences’ permanence and stability.


Preparation for decking:

Preparation here is vital to ensure a strong durable surface, able to withstand constant wear and tear and a beating from many outdoor elements, so we’ll

  1. Remove any loose paint from the old decking.
  2. Eliminate any grease, dirt or mould that can accumulate over time.
  3. Sand the area until stain-free and smooth.
  4. Ensure the surface is clean and dry before continuing.


Staining will give your decking a natural looking range in colour, but if the traffic is heavy, it may wear away quite rapidly, so we recommend using a stain/sealer to make the surface more robust, durable and longer lasting.


Painting your decking will help against decay, rotting, mould and splintering. It’s also handy for filling in gaps and cracks and covering defects.


Our exterior applications conform to weather any storm, but we’re not just about outdoor painting. We also specialise in high quality indoor room painting too.


Our internal painting achieves equal high rating:

If it’s your indoor ceilings and walls that need revitalising, with just a splash of paint or a complete makeover, we deliver the same excellent service and care as we do for outside your home. We’ll ensure your ceilings and walls are prepared to the same high standards and using the top-end applications we’re renowned for, you can be guaranteed absolute satisfaction in our professional paintwork.

For a meticulous and excellent painting service Bristol , you can rely on, call on the experts at C.S Barron.

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Excellent paint

We only use the highest grade of trade paints. Our masonry paints have a 15 year life expectancy so are of the highest quality.

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Exterior painting services

The preparation of exterior walls is also very important. We treat any weak area that's been previously painted with a stabilising solution prior to any coat. Any signs of mould growth will be treated with an anti-fungal wash.

"On behalf of my wife and myself, we want to thank you most sincerely for the excellent work you have done for us – with a

special thank you to Mark." - Mr & Mrs Rex, Hengrove

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