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Whether you want to achieve a clean, solid look or a textured or patterned look on your walls, contact the team of experts at CS Barron.

Committed to providing exceptional wallpapering services

Having a strong commitment towards our work means that we finish any job to a very high standard. We don’t employ sub-contractors. As a passionate family run business, we always work as a team. Preparation and commitment are the key factors to a job well done.

A little bit of history:

Did you know that wallpaper has actually been used as far back as the 18th Century? Here at C.S.Barron we haven’t been around quite that long, but we do have over 50 years history of our own, making us one of the most experienced wallpaper specialists in Bristol.

The original interior decor during the Renaissance were tapestries hanging from walls, with striking colours depicting exotic scenes from that era. They made a statement about the occupants, (usually the rich and affluent) but as time went by and different movements transpired, so did the need to modernize the décor, and so the invention of wallpaper evolved (something both the wealthy and less well-off could afford).

And here at C.S.Barron, we pride ourselves with the the wisdom of the past and the knowledge of the future, incorporating it with the insight of today’s trends, to deliver a wide variety of the best prints and patterns on the market.

Wallpaper has never gone out of fashion. In fact more and more people are exhibiting their homes, offices, and indoor spaces as a style statement, staying in vogue with all the new and popular prints and styles that are out today.

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At C.S.Barron, we pride ourselves in our expertise and craftsmanship, delivering a high- quality service that puts us way ahead of our competitors. From consultation to completion, our team of experts will ensure your aspirations are met to the highest standards, guaranteeing your home, office, or any indoor space will stand out from the crowd.

The values of wallpaper:

  • Some are so durable that they can last for as long as fifteen years.
  • Many wallpapers are washable, making them easy to maintain.
  • There’s plenty of textures to choose from depending on what surface finish you desire.
  • Many are eco-friendly created from natural materials.
  • Great for hiding flaws and uneven walls.
  • There’s an interminable abundance of patterns and styles to suit any taste.

Popular textures:

  • Vinyl wallpaper is the most widespread and commonly used wall covering. It’s the durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms they are also impervious to condensation and steam.
  • Embossed wallpaper has a continual raised effect and offers a wide selection of designs. Some anaglyptas are available in colour, but usually they are designed for painting over, and as they are typically high grade, they are easy to hang.
  • Woodchip has a similar look to and is an inexpensive alternative to plasterwork. It is made by trapping small chips of wood in the paper as it’s being manufactured. It comes in plain white and is projected to be painted over.
  • Flock wallpaper is one of the more expensive options, comprising of patterns where small flocking fibre particles are added to give the wallpaper a luxurious raised velvety feel.
  • Foil wallpaper is a metalized paper that has reflective patterns to create light. Due to the standardization of the paper, it should be hung on a smooth surface as any inconsistency will show through.
  • Printed wallpaper comes in a huge variety of high-quality designs and colours.
  • Washable wallpapers are specifically what they state. Printed with water-resistant ink and coated with a layer of transparent plastic. They’re ideal for kitchens where steam and grease are prevalent.

Infinite Designs:

The wallpaper you choose is a fabulous way to express your own style and diversity and there are limitless designs for you to choose from.

Stonewall – Abstract – Wood Effect – Textured Marble – Bamboo plus many more….

Bristol Decorating Company

At C.S.Barron, our professional decorating experts will collaborate with you, from the initial concept to accomplishment, to establish what is the ideal décor creation for you and your interior space, empowering you to make a statement of who and what you are.

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Taking care of your furniture

Prior to any decorating, your personal effects and furniture will always be covered for protection. You can rest assured that all your items will be moved safely, if required, by our experienced professionals.

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High-quality decorating materials

To achieve the highest level of work, we only use the very best materials.  Also, spending time to obtain the best possible standard of work is never an issue. If you want your property decorated by an established business, call CS Barron.

"I have used Mr Barron and his company and found them honest and reliable. I would certainly recommend them." - Mr. Vickers, Redland

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